China Bowling Delegation Visited USBC and BPAA

China Bowling Delegation Visited USBC and BPAA

The China Bowling Association on December 19, 2015, visited the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) to learn more about the sport of bowling and its governance. The group was led by Mr Wang Jiaxing, the managing director in charge of bowling at General Administration of Sport of China, and included several bowlers and coaches from China national bowling team.

During their time at the USBC, the group met with the head coach for Team USA, Mr. Rod Ross and other technicians and research staff at USBC.  USBC staff introduced their training methods, tools, software programs. And the group also bowled on the lanes at USBC's International Training Center. 

The group also visited and met the CEO 

The visit was a success, and the China Bowling Association is looking forward to continuing its relationship with the USBC. Both organizations are committed to growing the sport of bowling and making it more accessible to players around the world.

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